Översättning av Countee Culllen?

Answered by Stefan Grip
Who has translated Countee Cullens poem Incident into Swedish? In which collection the poem has been published (if it has been published)?

There are few publications I could find, that is translated to swedish.

Two of them are a poem collection called "Eko", the poems are "Simon från Cyrene" and "Arv" (Inheritance). Cullen is one of seventeen international poets in the book, that are all translated by Karl Asplund.  Here is the catalouge post from our national library, Libris. 

The two poems "Till en poet" and "Händelse" could be find in these two books: "Mörk sång - fyrtiofem amerikanska negerdikter" and in "USA-poesi - 700 dikter från 1010-1983". (source: Litteraturbanken) These poems are translated by Thorsten Jonsson.

The poem "Värld, vakna upp!" is published in "Barnens bästa. – Del. 2, s. 21". Catalouge post in Libris:  (Source: Litteraturbanken) This poem is translated by Britt G. Hallqvist.

14 April 2020 - 14:12