Information about cognac

Answered by Sofia Murray
I’m searching for articles (written by or others) describing and discussing how companies in the cognac industry keep their brands fresh and in so doing ensure that the Cognac region survives and even flourishes. In other words, I'm searching for articles and reports (or likewise) with a perspective of the future cognac market. The articles are preferably discussing the cognac market of today with a perspective of finding new inventions for the future. I’m very thankful for your advices.

Here are som links that could be of use. (A french site, based in Cognac.) (A branch publication on drinks in general, but of course it also contains information about cognac in particular.) (A Singapore site about alcoholic beverages. Could be interesting as the Asian market is growing?) (A French professional site.)

Also, you could try to contact the French equivalent of Bibblan svarar, they might be able to guide you to more relevant information:
The Swedish school of culinary art in Grythyttan has a library that you could contact:

6 August 2017 - 14:21