I'm seeking information about a project for library service for the elderly, instigated by The Gotland Libraries

Answered by Lennart Kihlberg
I saw a report from http://slq.nu/?article=sweden-new-focus-on-library-service-for-the-elderly.It talked about a project of the cooperation between Gotland Libraries and institutions for the elderly. I am curious about how’s this project going now. Is there any information link or report about it, thank you very much.


Unfortunately, I cannot find a final report on this project. Since it is quite old, dating back to at least 2009, the safest thing to do would be to contact the head of  the Gotland County Library, Cecilia Herdenstam.

Her e-mail adress:


The Gotland County Library homepage: (only in Swedish, I'm afraid)


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30 June 2017 - 15:30