Free law resources

Answered by Daniel Björklund
Is there a free resource or database that can be used to research law/case law in the United States? Or, do libraries in Sweden provide public access to paid databases for legal research such as LexisNexis ( Thanks so much!

I found some sources to American law thats open, you'll have to see if they work for you:

We also have a sister site called Bibblan guidar, which is a link collection, were you'll find some links, but most of them are about european law.

When it comes to paid databases for legal research I would visit the homepage of the closest law school (for example Juridicum in Lund: to see if there are any database that you can use.

As for the public libraries  I see the chances as very slim that any would have a paid database for American law.

5 September 2018 - 12:50